Uniband provide universal resistance training and rehabilitation products

For use in Physiotherapy, Fitness and Strength Training


Uniband latex free Bands match the pull force of latex bands without the negatives associated with the latex versions. They are available in five colour coded levels that increase in resistance from Yellow (Very Low Resistance) through to Black (Very Heavy Resistance). Uniband Bands are supplied in 5.5m, 25m, 50m and 100m packs that can be cut to length for individual patients.


Uniband accessories include a range of handles, door anchors and hooks. These products are compatible with Uniband Bands and are designed to assist the patient and allow a greater variation in exercise when using bands.

Uniband bands feature performance characteristics
that cannot be achieved with latex bands.

Made with a elastomeric compound they exhibit the dynamic stretch properties of traditional bands with none of the disadvantages associated with the latex versions. Each level of band is made to an exacting specification that ensures consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance between each band level providing clinically sound Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE). Uniband provide an approach that is preferred by many patients and therapists over traditional latex bands.

Elongation of Uniband

Elongation of Unibands


  • Powder free
  • Engineered for evenly spaced resistance levels from one colour level to the next
  • 100% latex free
  • Excellent UV and chemical stability
  • Buoyant and resistant to swimming pool chemicals
  • Range of handles and accessories available

Superior Clinical Performance

Uniband Bands are manufactured from a 100% latex free material that has superior ‘linear stretch’. Tests have demonstrated that some leading latex bands provide inconsistent or flawed resistance levels that may compromise clinical implementation of Progressive Resistance Exercises.

Product Information
Uniband has been developed to achieve a more clinically sound approach to Progressive Resistance Exercises with Bands.